421 Granulate Spreader

Seeds, fertiliser, e.g. after scarifying, gritting salt, oil absorbers, cleaning agents, pelletised lime, bird seed, stock feed, sand … The SOLO granulate spreader 421 is designed to be used all year round.

A manual crank drives the steadily rotating spreader disc to guarantee precise distribution of the granulate onto the area to be treated. The integral agitator ensures that the material in the tank is mixed thoroughly.

Up to 9 kg of granulated matter can be applied where specifically required, even on difficult terrain – for example where a wheeled appliance would be unsuitable. The direction in which the material is spread can be adjusted just as easily as the delivery rate. The spreader is carried in front of the body by means of an adjustable strap. The large filling aperture makes filling easy, whilst the large screw top protects users from harmful dust.

421 Datasheet

Capacity l 9
Tank filling aperture diameter cm 14,5
Dimensions excl. crank W x D x H, cm 28 ✕ 26 ✕ 48
Distribution range subject to material, cm Granulate approx. 300 – 400 ➖ Grass seed approx. 180 – 200
Distribution width subject to material, cm Granulate approx. 180 – 200 ➖ Grass seed approx. 150 – 170
Gearbox Hermetically sealed worm drive with angular metal gears
Transmission ratio 1 : 7.5