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IGT Technology

The Tuff Torq IHT (integrated hydrostatic transaxle) system is truly unique in its design and performance. Our IHT units use the patented Tuff Torq L.O.G.I.C. case system. L.O.G.I.C. stands for Lateral Opening Gear Isolation Case, and it sets our transaxles apart as some of the most dependable and smoothest hydrostatic drive systems available on the market.

First, the “Lateral Opening” case is separated horizontally into two main case sections. This makes servicing our units much easier for dealers and service departments, since the transaxle can be laid in a stand and serviced more easily and with less clean-up afterwards.

Our “Gear Isolation” design means the hydrostatic drive pump and motor chamber is completely separated from the gear drive chamber. The oil, which is used to drive the hydrostatic operation, must pass through a filtration system as it passes from the gear chamber to the hydrostatic chamber. This helps remove any material or debris that has been picked up on the gears before they can damage the precision components of the pump and motor. This gives our units longer life and better overall performance.


TZT Technology

Now you can have the reliability and serviceability of our tractor transaxles in your zero-turn mower products. Our integrated transaxle drive systems for the zero-turn market are some of the most innovative transaxles available. With features like integrated charge pumps, external hydraulics support and much more—our units are designed to meet the most complicated application specifications in the market.

Many of our TZ units are designed with the L.O.G.I.C. case design that has been proven as superior in the tractor market. These units have been proven in the field on some of the most advanced commercial and residential zero-turn mowers available.