AS 53 4T

With a 53 cm cutting width the AS 53 B4/4T Standard is unstoppable, even in confined spaces – this is ensured by the rear-wheel drive of the high-quality Briggs & Stratton 4-stroke Series 850 engine. Safety and convenience are integrated in this professional device, so that you move ahead quickly – for example through the engine brake, slip clutch as a safeguard against overload and the anti-vibration technology.

AS 53 2T

AS -2-stroke engineIf climbing is required, then this great all-rounder is what you need. It easily switches to high gear in wet and hilly terrain, ensuring that you make headway. Ideally with the powerful 2-stroke engine of the AS 53 B4 Standard. To ensure that you make headway, this professional device has comfort and safety on-board as standard equipment: For your comfort and safety, Vibration Protect technology plus engine brake and slip clutch are fitted as standard.

AS 53 2T 4WD

The only four-wheel lawn mower in its class sets the course – through comfortable climbing power and outstanding traction.
The four-wheel drive of the AS 53 B5 ensures climbing power when mowing – it even makes headway when other mowers have reached their limit. Defying narrow road-side ditches, hilly ground, embankments or mountain slopes; vibrations are absorbed by the rubber bearing arrangement of the engine. The cutting height can be adjusted to six levels on each axle, the friction clutch prevents overloads of the drive and the cutting blade.

AS 531 2T MK B

20% less weight – this is extremely important for professional handling with outstanding performance.
The profile of our new pro: Stable and weight-optimised steel construction, reduced hand-arm vibration thanks to the Vibration Protect damping system, powerful AS 2-stroke engine and flexible blade clutch. The whole with a unique operating concept: Regulate drive and blade clutch with one hand, the other hand controls the speed – via the Varioshift lever the speed can be locked at the highest and lowest speed.

AS 531 4T

With 20% less weight this mower makes it absolutely easy for the professional user – from the handling to the cutting performance. These are features that make every pro’s heart beat a little faster: Stable and weight-optimised steel construction, in addition a high level of ergonomics, also in the V-handlebar – the Vibration Protect damping system reduces the bothersome hand-arm vibration. The high-performance B & S 4-stroke engine mows without wheel drive, but it mows with impressive power.

AS 510 2T A

Up and down without back and forth: Thanks to the special climbing power of the AS 510 2T A, there is no more raking, even on a slope. Mowing and mulching in demanding terrain is no problem for the AS 510 2T A; its two-stroke engine is optimally lubricated in every position. If the requirements imposed by the terrain increase, simply give the mower some petrol and with the wheel drive it will even work its way through medium-high grass.

Thanks to the stable mulch unit, raking is dispensed with – the perfectly balanced construction guarantees easy handling, you mow without fatigue.

AS 901 SM

More power, higher work rate and even more mown underbrush – thanks to the 2-cylinder engine and 90 cm cutting width. This is what top-class flail mowers look like: 3 mm steel and 26 Y-flails, that with the AS 901 yield to obstacles, while they finely mulch high grass. On the basis of the chassis / drive of the AS 84 Mulchmeister, the single-wheel steering and brake clutch, high precision 5-speed manual transmission with limited-slip differential, as well as agriculture tread tyres optimal traction and an optimal braking effect are enabled.

AS 26 2T

Mowing and mulching in confined spaces – with their three-wheel concept the brush cutters are some of the best-known classics from AS-Motor and are ideally suited for this purpose. The AS 26 2T masters the smallest angles, tight curves and moderate lopes with its powerful engine. In addition to convenient manoeuvring, it is impressive with the 3-bearing support of the blade shaft/crankshaft and the engine, or the rear wheel brake that is available as an accessory.

AS 28 2T

Biting-through is the principle of this indestructible all-rounder – and it bites through on the most difficult terrain in grass up 100 cm in height.For forest and meadow mowing tasks, getting through is the object – no problem for the AS 28 2T with its inflatable agricultural tread tyres and robust mowing/mulching unit, even on the most difficult terrain. The snorkel filter also ensures air intake where other mowers run out of breath due to the high grass. This brush cutter with special bite is easy to manoeuvre, thanks to vibration dampers, 2-speed drive and rear wheel brake.

AS 65 2T

Strength is the principle of the AS 65 2T – climbing steep hills and cutting heavy growth makes it the ultimate tool for those who have to encounter the grass wilderness. Pure efficiency with a cutting width of 65 cm.The AS 2-stroke engine brings its ample torque to bear on steep slopes and on large areas with strong growth, high grass and bushes. In this regard, the limited-slip differential, in conjunction with the 5-speed manual transmission guarantees permanent traction, manoeuvrability and safety. The AS cross-blade system reliably chops for impressive mowing performance; the cutting force is maximized per engine blade gear reduction of 2:1.

AS 84 Mulchmeister 4T

The Mulchmeister masters large areas with its 86 cm cutting width, and at the same time mulches them in a manner that is environmentally compatible.

Wellness for nature – this means fertilizing naturally by mulching. With the AS 84 Mulchmeister this is done quickly and effectively: The dual AS-Motor cross-blade system works with high precision and defibrates the cuttings into high-quality mulch. This is executed in no time at all, thanks to the large cutting width – and driving manoeuvres and curves are a snap, thanks to single-wheel steering brake and limited-slip differential.

AS 800 FreeRider

The name, FreeRider, says it all: Get in the driver seat and get started – over hills and through the trees. All mowing and mulching tasks are quickly and precisely handled: With low center of gravity, optimal weight distribution, broad wheelbase, agricultural tread, and limited-slip differential. Even when it’s wet, with this rear discharge mower you always move ahead. The powerful 1-cylinder, 4-stroke engine from Briggs & Stratton provides enough power to handle astonishing work rates with the cross-blade system from AS-Motor and 80 cm working width.

AS 940 Sherpa 4WD

Four-wheel – provides safety on the slope for ride-on meadow mowers: With stable safety bar, limited-slip differential and low center of gravity.

The Allmäher® AS 9404 Sherpa redefines safety, climbing ability, and performance for ride-on mowers – for example, through permanent four-wheel drive with limited-slip differential for directional stability when traversing the slope and optimal braking. In addition, you can rely on maximum safety for driving on extremely steep slopes and perfect mulching results thanks to the double blade system from AS-Motor. Ideal for safely and quickly working demanding areas.

AS 915 Enduro

If your destinations are labyrinthine, hilly and pathless areas, then rely on: The AS 915 Enduro, it is extremely flexible.
With this device for landscape care, even non-pros will envy you: With its minimal turning radius, the powerful Briggs & Stratton 2-cylinder, 4-stroke engine, rear discharge and 90 cm cutting width, working becomes pure enjoyment. The outstanding equipment of the Allmäher® AS 915 Enduro provides a lot of fun for professional and private users, with due consideration of safety aspects: The seat contact switch stops blade and engine when you leave the machine.